Amazon Brand Management

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Through brand building and brand positioning, we will customize a plan to fit the needs of your brand for continued success now and in the future.


Enhance Content

Through up to date media and an accurate product message, we will ensure your products make the best impression on shoppers.



We will help to drive traffic to your products through the use of Pay-Per-Click advertising. We will also verify product descriptions and features are accurate and up to date.

About Us

Blessed Family Sales is an experienced online retailer specializing in the Amazon marketplace. We know your brand is important to you, that's why we make it our mission to add value beyond just the buying and selling of your products on Amazon. We partner with brand owners to understand their goals so we can share the vision they have for their brand. Our goal is to create a unique relationship that is mutually beneficial, where we have a vested interest in seeing your business grow. When your brand grows on Amazon, so does ours.

Owners Jeff & Alessandra Sak

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