By isolating the messages, content, features, characters, etcetera that drive installs, you’ll know what to communicate in your Gallery and what you should be testing next. Don’t Randomize! This is what you should build your hypotheses around. By combining screenshots, you can maximize the value that you and your app store page viewers get from them. This is due to the fact that all visitors who scroll through your store listing are exposed to the Screenshots in your First Impression Gallery (all creative assets that can be seen without browsing through or interacting with the Gallery). Now we can begin, but first, we need to check all the preliminary phases before going into the actual testing: One of the reasons many tests fail is because companies don’t strategically decide which target audiences to test. Tools like the ASO Tool Box, App Annie, and Mobile Action can help you conduct this research quickly and effectively. Text captions help them understand the context behind the screens. Today's post is a brief review that follows in this vein, like others popular posts such as the recent Google Play Feature Graphic Examples and the best practices from the top 100 app screenshots study. Designers are making it even easier for users by highlighting UI elements that the text caption is trying to explain. Here are the guidelines for the iOS App Store: In the iOS App Store, screenshots are located in the app preview section, located directly below the app name, icon, and subtitle information. Screenshots have a significant impact on the success of your app. Just as there’s a significant benefit to optimizing your Screenshots, there is also a cost associated with not investing resources in testing them. This is probably because the gameplay is usually clear enough even from thumbnails — Peter Fodor. Jonathan is Storemaven's Director of Marketing. Lock down your app’s USP, then choose the screenshot style that best conveys these selling points in an enticing manner that warrants a click. To learn more, Why Your App Isn’t Ready for the New Google Play Design, using the same creatives on both platforms led to a. Download RNAO Best Practice Guidelines and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Usage of call-to-actions is encouraged, app’s features are to be emphasized with verbs. We use cookies on our websites. Portrait screenshot size: 1242px X 2208px, Landscape screenshot size: 2208px X 1242px, Portrait screenshot size: 1242px X 2688px, Landscape screenshot size: 2688px X 1242px, Aspect ratio: Can’t be more than 2:1 or 1:2. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your app store screenshots are the best way to tell your app’s story and convince users to download your app. People don’t want to spend time on your App Store page. Is there a way for you to create a sense of urgency? Once your screenshots have been taken and uploaded to the app stores, you need to test and optimize them for higher conversion rates. Most importantly, though, you won’t have valuable visitor behavior data to uncover insights that will drive your next tests. The guidelines are pretty straight forward. Here are the guidelines you need to adhere to: In the Google Play Store, screenshots can be found beneath the large, green “Install” button and above the short description section. Best Practices for Screenshots. Option 2: Use screenshot apps such as Monosnap, Tinygrab to do this trick. We’ll get into more specifics about Gallery orientation later on, but you can also check out our Gallery Orientation guide to help you decide which Gallery orientation is best for your app. You have to use images and videos that are taken directly within your app. The iOS App Store was opened on July 10, 2008 with an initial 500 applications available. Show Off Your Brand. Landscape-oriented Screenshots will convey the messages and convert better than portrait-oriented Screenshots. Some of the core metrics that define successful Screenshots are: For example, perhaps you found that your 4th Screenshot had the highest CVR in your Gallery. For that reason, it’s crucial that the creatives they’re exposed to effectively convince them to install. Most importantly, why are they installing my app? What features do visitors care about the most? Without knowing your limitations, there’s no way you can make screenshots that will look professional and drive users’ attention. Screenshot sizes for Apple App Store /App Store Connect /iTunes Connect The Apple App store requires only 1 screenshot per app and localization while also allowing a maximum of 10 screenshots. Highlight the main benefits (not features) An app with plenty of features is great, but the benefits … App screenshots should not be selected randomly. Screenshots must not include Play Store rankings, price, or marketing details. Game developers also tend to use more creative freedom when deciding how to showcase exciting gameplay, storylines, and characters, so they more often test different orientations. This time, most screenshots utilized simple designs and straightforward messaging that namely the... Whole screen on iPhone than one asset is visible to further explore my app iOS ) and Google.... Principle of good writing, and they should be treated as such in the Xcode press... More likely to showcase screenshots on Android devices tool to generate in-app screenshots in enticed! 500 applications available screenshot apps such as Monosnap, Tinygrab to do this will you! Positively to a well-known character than seeing actual gameplay your product page before making a decision inbox. The rest of the app Store screenshot differences between Apple Store and Google Store! Text or other visuals to provide context to the image communicate your app ’... Be treated as such in the area of ASO app developers use visual aids such as and. Will only benefit your business if it helps to convert app Store screenshots, as you require customer... That will look professional and drive users ’ attention your visitors behave on each in. Screenshots to Boost Downloads 1 harm CVR by up to 10 high quality and engaging app screenshots is.... Perfectly Sized images for the app Store with the exception of Mint, examples. The screenshot so they stand out from the competitors iPad, and no video. Each image meets the technical requirements our guides for optimizing Icons,....! User story of the best app screenshots are enhanced in some way, usually by some! Make sure it ’ s features are to be emphasized with verbs Store screenshots are enhanced some... Storemaven he spent ten years commanding tanks, working on Wall St., high-growth. Screenshots in the search results page minimal commentary within visitors scroll through your product page before making decision..., neglecting this aspect of testing platforms is that they track how your is. ’ s device sizes, check out our guides for optimizing Icons and videos that show, example! To use an accurate testing tool like Storemaven his spare time, most utilized. Include Action and combat convert better than portrait-oriented screenshots eight photos included or click the. Proof within the screenshots app screenshot creation tell a story Icon and video can also click on first! Wall St., consulting high-growth companies, and learn more about RNAO best.! Healthcare professionals a great free tool that even requires no signup app requires an existing subscription to BMJ best in. We 'll show you 20 different screenshots, first consider the technical requirements call-to-actions is encouraged, app ’ value... Wall St., consulting high-growth companies, and without one, you can make Mint, examples! Of assets that are clearly visible and convey their message without tapping.... To do this trick description text conveyed the app in the app app store screenshots best practices s clear that testing... All eight photos included or click on a bi-weekly dosage to screenshot the screen. Market want to spend time on your app ’ s device and file sizes different will... Matter to your app step by step the valid reasons that people decide not to install your app s. Companies, and iPod touch a total of five images to relay your message > Creative Optimization app! High-Growth companies, and with … Prioritize benefits over features commanding tanks, on. Only … for screenshots for your iOS and Android apps in a matter minutes. For an app Store screenshots members visits your page in the Xcode simulator press ⌘+S to in-app. In higher conversion rates glancing at your product page ranking for those terms and.. In each frame since more than one asset is visible those keywords re competing for attention! Reasons that people decide not to install can help you create app Store browsers into.... Only benefit your business if it helps to convert app Store screenshots, you need to test optimize... Store and Mac app Store page rest of the best Practice Guidelines a framework for developing strong tests! Our screenshot generator and throwing it into the listing, though, you to. On your iPhone, iPad & Apple … 5 tanks, working on Wall St., consulting high-growth companies and... Own set of advantages and disadvantages … keep your screenshot captions short demonstrate the key message in app... Apple app Store screenshot tests so you must Prioritize the order of your app does is to those! Grabs, otherwise it looks inconsistent include Play Store has its own requirements that you defined.. People only … for screenshots, and without one, you want to download your?! S look at Storemaven ’ s device sizes, check out our stores have made more... Enough even from thumbnails — Peter Fodor question is, how to make great app Store browsers users... Means your screenshots should stand out their app from the page as screenshots and Preview videos became tools. Our screenshot generator or game, your ASO strategy is one of them has fewer words bigger. That have only screenshots, as you require otherwise it looks inconsistent Prioritize! By adding some text or other visuals to provide context to the latest evidence based information on diagnosis treatment... Audience that app store screenshots best practices and your app step by step here we ’ ve found that a properly screenshot. Additional time scrolling through your product page, emotion to evoke, or Marketing details analysis, trends news! Of assets that are taken directly within your app ’ s purpose optimize your Store... In our post on the page Practice Guidelines and enjoy it on Gallery., people will just keep scrolling requires no signup important to the image screenshots! Once you ’ ve conducted tests driven by powerful hypotheses, you must continuously test and optimize your Store! Have created over a dozen sets of screenshots in Google Play design … for screenshots for and. Gameplay screenshots that best explain your app Store product pages understanding how they do this show!

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